So Valentine's Day happened. Of course it's an enormous con drummed up by some greedy blokes who wanted to sell those weird enormous padded cards, but I just LOVE IT!!! I always imagine making Mr Deane eggs and toast in little heart shapes, or maybe heart shaped custard creams like the special ones in Nigella's 'Feast'. I never actually DO any of these things of course. But I think about it.

This year, I was really excited to collaborate with Megan Riera. Megan is an amazing designer who I've gotten to know through some mutual admiration on Instagram. I love modern calligraphy and Megan's lettering is absolutely exquisite. Megan made beautiful swing tags on hand-made Indian paper to accompany all of my Valentine's bouquets. She hand-lettered each one with a unique message and I loved them all!  

If you are considering having anything hand-lettered, I highly recommend getting in touch with Megan.

Valentine's flowers by Ruby & The Wolf
Valentine's bouquets
Stunning modern calligraphy by Megan Riera
Valentine Bouquet by Ruby & The Wolf
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