A Complete Guide to Wedding Gifts from the Bride’s Parents

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‘Do the parents of the bride give a wedding gift?’ This query is just one of the many nuances that make wedding planning a captivating journey filled with both tradition and personal choices.

In the world of matrimony, the role of parents, particularly the parents of the bride, is steeped in significance, and the act of giving a wedding gift carries a special symbolism that transcends mere materiality.

In this article, we’ll delve into the customs and considerations surrounding this cherished tradition to answer the question ‘Do the parents of the bride give a wedding gift?’, shedding light on the sentiments, gestures, and etiquette that guide the parents of the bride in expressing their love and support on this momentous occasion.

Should the Bride’s Parents Give a Wedding Gift?

While not required, it’s customary for the bride’s parents to give a wedding gift. A gift shows their excitement for the couple starting this new chapter. It also allows them to contribute to setting up the couple’s home. The gift doesn’t need to be over-the-top expensive. A meaningful, useful gift the couple will cherish is ideal.

Traditional Wedding Gift from the Bride’s Parents

A common wedding gift from the bride’s parents is contributing financially to the wedding reception. They may offer to pay for the rehearsal dinner, flowers, photographer or videographer. Another traditional option is giving the couple something for their new home. Popular gifts include furniture, kitchen appliances, or linens. The bride’s parents could also give a sentimental heirloom to pass down.

Modern Wedding Gift Ideas from the Bride’s Parents

While contributing to the reception or giving heirlooms are thoughtful gestures, the bride’s parents may want to give a more unique gift. Some modern gift ideas include:

Honeymoon contribution – Help the couple enjoy a dream honeymoon by gifting money towards their travel expenses.

Charitable donation – Make a donation to a charity important to the couple in their honor.

Couples massage – Give a gift certificate for a relaxing spa day for the newlyweds.

Custom art piece – Commission an artist to create a painting or wall art depicting the couple.

Wine club membership – Allow the couple to enjoy a regular wine delivery with a club membership.

Ticket package – Give tickets to concerts, shows, or sporting events the couple can enjoy.

No matter what gift the bride’s parents choose, their thoughtfulness will be appreciated. Focusing on gifts that will help the couple relax, pursue hobbies together, or make memories is ideal.

How Much Should the Bride’s Parents Spend?

Determining an appropriate wedding gift budget can be tricky for the bride’s parents. While there’s no definitive rule, here are some tips:

  • Set a budget you are comfortable with. Don’t overextend your finances.
  • Consider covering a specific wedding expense, like the rehearsal dinner or wedding flowers.
  • Make a contribution toward the honeymoon or wedding funds if you can afford it.
  • Spend within your means, even if it’s a modest amount. Your thoughtfulness matters more than cost.
  • Discuss expectations discreetly with the engaged couple to avoid misunderstandings.
  • If paying for a large portion of wedding expenses, a smaller additional gift is sufficient.
  • Focus on gifts with emotional significance if your budget is limited.

The bride’s parents’ contribution, whether monetary, time or creative gifts, is always appreciated. Open communication and setting realistic expectations are key to navigating gift-giving.

When to Give the Wedding Gift

Determining the ideal time to give a wedding gift requires some strategic thought. Here are a few tips on wedding gift timing for the bride’s parents:

  • Gifts given at the bridal shower are a nice early gesture. This allows the couple to use gifts before the wedding.
  • Consider presenting your gift at the rehearsal dinner. This creates a special moment.
  • Wedding morning gifts can be a wonderful surprise for the bride and groom.
  • Giving your gift at the reception works if you want a public presentation moment.
  • Waiting until after the honeymoon allows the couple to send thank-you notes together.
  • If giving cash, closer to the wedding date is preferable so it can help with last-minute expenses.
  • Spreading gifts over time can help make each one feel more special and meaningful.

No matter when you give your gift, attaching a heartfelt card enhances the sentiment. Timing it thoughtfully makes your gift all the more memorable.

Wedding Gift Etiquette for Bride’s Parents

Selecting the perfect wedding gift requires care and consideration. As the bride’s parents, follow these etiquette tips when choosing your gift:

  • Set a budget you feel comfortable with, but don’t skimp on this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.
  • Know the couple’s gift registry and preferences, but don’t be afraid to give something heartfelt and personal too.
  • Cash or gift cards allow the couple to put funds towards big expenses like the honeymoon.
  • Helpful household items, kitchen gadgets, and small appliances make useful gifts.
  • Consider “experience” gifts like concert tickets, museum memberships, or park passes.
  • Personalize your gift with a loving message, photo, or inside joke.
  • If giving multiple gifts, spread them out over wedding events and the first year of marriage.
  • Offer to host or help pay for parts of the wedding like the rehearsal dinner.
  • No matter what you give, present it thoughtfully and with sincere well-wishes.

Following standard gift etiquette shows your care and support on your daughter’s big day.

Creative Wedding Gift Ideas from the Bride’s Parents

Finding a unique wedding gift your daughter and her fiancé will cherish requires thoughtfulness and creativity. Consider these inspired ideas:

  • Custom art piece depicting the couple’s special song lyrics, wedding location, or inside joke.
  • Ticket memorabilia from a concert, play, or event of significance in their relationship.
  • Personal video montage of childhood photos set to their favorite meaningful tune.
  • Commemorative tree planting in a location special to the bride and groom.
  • Donation to a charitable cause important to the couple in their honor.
  • Scrapbook, photo album, or memory box to preserve wedding memories.
  • Unique culinary experience related to family traditions or the couple’s interests.
  • Custom jewelry with birthstones, initials, or wedding date engraving.
  • Gift certificate for dance lessons, cooking classes, or other activities to enjoy together.
  • Sentimental gift like an engraved compass, luggage set, or picnic basket for new adventures.

A thoughtful, creative gift shows how much you care on your daughter’s wedding day.

Unique Wedding Gifts from the Bride’s Parents

As the bride’s parents, you want your wedding gift to be extraordinary. Look beyond typical presents to these unique ideas:

  • Custom cocktail recipe book of the couple’s favorite drinks to enjoy.
  • Framed vintage map of the location where they met, got engaged, or other special place.
  • IPSY or Birchbox subscription for a year of monthly beauty surprises.
  • Hot air balloon rides over the countryside for a thrilling experience together.
  • Pottery workshop to create personalized mugs, plates, or vases.
  • Art deco style picnic set for romantic outdoor meals.
  • Unique experiences like glass blowing, pottery throwing, or painting class.
  • Commissioned portrait of their pets or favorite family photo.
  • Decadent chocolate tasting for two from a gourmet chocolatier.
  • Custom bobbleheads or caricatures of the bride and groom.
  • Monogrammed bathrobes, slippers, and luxury spa set.

With thoughtful creativity, you can give a gift as unique as your daughter’s love.

Wedding Gift Ideas for the Couple’s Home

Furnishing a new home together calls for meaningful gifts. Consider these ideas to help the couple settle in:

  • High-end kitchen appliances like a stand mixer, air fryer, or sous vide immersion circulator.
  • Patio set with comfortable chairs and side tables for outdoor lounging.
  • Plush bath sheets, robes, and a spa shower head for at-home luxury.
  • Smart home devices like Google Nest Hub or Amazon Echo Dot.
  • Coffee table books featuring their favorite travel destinations or hobbies.
  • Custom throw pillows with their initials or wedding date.
  • Frames with pictures from their wedding or relationship milestones.
  • His and hers watches to mark the occasion.
  • Cozy weighted blanket for movie nights and relaxation.
  • Unique wine rack or beverage cooler to hold their favorites.

Selecting useful gifts they’ll enjoy together makes your present more meaningful.

Wedding Gift Ideas to Pay for the Honeymoon

Help the newlyweds celebrate their union with a dream honeymoon. Consider contributing to the trip itself or gifting travel necessities:

  • Help pay for hotel rooms, activities, or meals at their destination.
  • Cover the cost of airline tickets or rental car.
  • Provide a travel voucher for adventures like scuba diving or wine tours.
  • Give a set of high-quality luggage with their initials.
  • Gift personalized passport holders and luggage tags.
  • Assemble a travel kit with neck pillows, eye masks, and compression socks for the flight.
  • Create a personalized photo album of their relationship to look back on.
  • Buy guidebooks and maps for the places they’ll visit.
  • Provide language learning materials if traveling abroad.

Taking care of the honeymoon details allows the couple to simply relax and enjoy their first trip as newlyweds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do parents give their daughter a gift on her wedding day?

Yes, it’s traditional for the parents of the bride to give her a gift on her wedding day, such as jewelry, money, or something sentimental. This is a way for parents to show their love and wish her well as she starts her new life.

Does the mother of the bride give the bride a gift?

Typically, yes. The mother of the bride usually gives a special gift to the bride on the wedding day. This is often something sentimental like a piece of jewelry, a handkerchief, or a photo album.

Do the parents of the bride and groom get gifts?

It’s not required, but the bride and groom often give small gifts to their parents as a token of appreciation for their support, such as engraved cufflinks, monogrammed handkerchiefs, framed photos, or other personalized items.

What do parents give their kids as a wedding gift?

Common wedding gifts from parents include money, jewelry, items for the couple’s new home, paying for parts of the wedding, honeymoon expenses, stock/investments, or sentimental family heirlooms. The gift is usually personalized and meaningful.


In conclusion, it is traditional for the parents of the bride and groom to give gifts on the wedding day. The mother of the bride usually gives a special, sentimental gift to the bride. The parents also often receive small token gifts from the bride and groom. Overall, these gifts represent the love and support between the couple and their parents as they start their new life together. A meaningful gift from the bride’s parents, such as jewelry, is a key tradition, as summarized in the question “do the parents of the bride give a wedding gift?”.

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