10 Tips For The BEST Summer Wedding

Last Updated on August 3, 2023 by Ruby

Here at Ruby & The Wolf, we LOVE summer weddings.

But, for your guests, the heat and humidity can also make them uncomfortable if you’re not prepared.

Here are 10 tips to ensure you and your guests have the best experience at your summer wedding:

  1. Keep your guests cool. Provide sunscreen, bug spray, handheld fans, and umbrellas to keep guests protected and comfortable.
  2. Serve refreshing drinks. Offer chilled white wine, beer, margaritas, and plenty of iced water. Have multiple bartender stations and self-serve drink dispensers.
  3. Provide shade. Use tents, awnings, trees, or indoor spaces to give reprieve from the sun. Rent large fans if outdoors.
  4. Choose hardy flowers. Consult your florist about flowers that can withstand heat and sun. Avoid wilting varieties like sweet peas.
  5. Mind the timeline. Keep ceremonies brief if outdoors. Start later in the day when it’s cooler.
  6. Go for light fare. Avoid heavy, hot foods. Opt for refreshing salads, fruits, creams, and cheeses.
  7. Pick breezy attire. Lightweight, loose dresses and suits are best. Skip black suits and 3-piece tuxedos.
  8. Lock in hair and makeup. Choose sweat-proof products. Updos get hair off the neck. Skip real floral hair pieces.
  9. Serve cool desserts. Popsicles, ice cream, and buttercream cakes kept cool until service.
  10. Move indoors. Have backup indoor spaces if weather gets too hot. AC and fans make a difference.

With the right preparations, your summer wedding can be stunning and comfortable for everyone involved.

Focus on keeping cool and providing shade, fans, and icy beverages.

Select breezy attire and decor and your event is sure to be a summertime success!

Summer weddings can be a delightful time to celebrate your love, but the heat and humidity of the season can also create challenges.

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