Do I Wear My Engagement Ring on My Wedding Day? A Comprehensive Guide

Getting married is an exciting time full of special moments and traditions.

As the big day approaches, it’s normal to have questions about the little details like what to wear and when.

This guide covers whether or not you should wear your engagement ring during the wedding ceremony and reception.

Should You Wear Your Engagement Ring During the Wedding Ceremony?

Many brides choose to wear their engagement ring along with their wedding band during the ceremony. This symbolizes the transition from being engaged to married. However, some brides prefer to only wear their wedding band at the altar to mark the official start of their marriage. Ultimately, it’s a personal choice based on your style and preferences.

Do You Switch Your Engagement Ring to Your Right Hand?

Switch Your Engagement Ring to Your Right Hand

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After the wedding, there are a few options for where to wear your engagement ring. Many brides move it over to the right hand ring finger. This frees up the left hand for the wedding band. Some brides prefer to keep the engagement ring in its original place on the left hand with the wedding band.

Others alternate between hands day-to-day. There’s no right or wrong way. Choose the option that feels most comfortable and suits your style. The most important thing is that your rings symbolize your love and commitment. Their placement should reflect your personal taste.

When Do You Stop Wearing Your Engagement Ring?

There are a few circumstances when you may stop wearing your engagement ring. If the wedding is called off, some return the ring. Others keep it as a memento. After the wedding, some opt to wear only the wedding band for simplicity.

Others alternate between the sets for variety. The rings may be taken off temporarily for safety during physical activities, travel, or manual labor. If the relationship unfortunately ends, the ring is typically returned.

Aside from these cases, most continue wearing their engagement ring lifelong – it’s a cherished symbol. Even in old age or if rings no longer fit, many keep them close as a reminder of their love story.

How to Incorporate Your Engagement Ring Into Your Wedding Day Look

Your engagement ring is a special part of your love story. On your wedding day, you’ll want to showcase this symbol of your relationship. Here are some ideas to elegantly incorporate your ring:

  • Wear your engagement ring on your right hand and wedding band on your left during the ceremony. Then move your engagement ring back to your left hand after exchanging vows.
  • If your rings are similar metals, stack your wedding band below your engagement ring. Make sure they’re sized to fit together.
  • Get a wrap or spacer custom made to connect your rings into one set. This prevents spinning or damage.
  • Skip the wedding band and only wear your engagement ring if you prefer a simpler look.
  • Match your engagement ring to other jewelry like earrings or a bracelet for a coordinated style.
  • Display your ring creatively in ceremony photos. For example, hold bouquet in left hand to highlight the ring.

No matter how you choose to wear it, your engagement ring is a special reminder of your love on your wedding day.

Creative Ways to Style Your Engagement and Wedding Rings Together

Once you’ve exchanged vows, you’ll be wearing two rings symbolizing your commitment. Here are unique ways to creatively style your engagement ring and wedding band:

  • If you have an heirloom engagement ring, commission a custom wedding band that complements its shape and metal. A jeweler can design something meaningful that fits flush.
  • For a mismatch look, choose rings in different metals, like rose gold and platinum. Add other jewelry in both tones for a cohesive effect.
  • Play with textures by pairing a diamond solitaire with a hammered or engraved band. The contrast showcases both rings.
  • Stack bands in graduating size order for a pyramid effect. Start with your engagement ring, then smallest to largest wedding band.
  • Separate your sets by wearing one on each hand. This prevents damage if you’re active or work with your hands.
  • If your rings are very different styles, wear your engagement ring on a necklace or right hand. Let your wedding band shine solo.

Get creative and find a combination that showcases the unique beauty of both your engagement ring and wedding band.

Etiquette for Wearing Engagement vs. Wedding Rings

Etiquette for Wearing Engagement vs. Wedding Rings

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Once you’ve picked out your dream engagement ring, when do you actually start wearing it? Here’s a quick guide to engagement ring etiquette:

  • Traditionally, you wear the engagement ring on the left ring finger once the proposal is official. Some wait until after sharing the news with family.
  • It’s fine to wear your engagement ring during the wedding ceremony. Some move it to the right hand before exchanging wedding bands.
  • After the wedding, the band goes on first closest to the heart, then the engagement ring. Make sure they fit comfortably together.
  • If your rings don’t pair well, it’s acceptable to wear only one or the other daily. Save the set for special occasions.
  • If your engagement ring is an heirloom, you may opt to wear your wedding band alone daily and add the e-ring for nights out.
  • While traveling, some prefer to just wear their band to avoid drawing attention to valuables.

The most important rule? Wear your rings in whatever combination makes you happy as a newlywed!

Tips for Keeping Your Engagement Ring Safe on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day will be filled with so many amazing memories. The last thing you want is to lose your cherished engagement ring amidst the excitement.

Here are some tips to keep your e-ring secure on the big day:

  • Consider leaving it at home or in a secure place, especially if your ring is loose or you’ll be dancing and active.
  • If wearing it, turn the band inward towards your palm to avoid it sliding off unnoticed.
  • Designate a trusted friend or family member as a “ring keeper” during prep and pictures when you’ll remove it.
  • For the ceremony, have your officiant or ring bearer hold onto it until you need to exchange rings.
  • If your band and e-ring don’t fit well together, wear just one special ring to avoid losing them.
  • Tell your bridal party to keep an eye on it and help remind you it’s on throughout the night.

Stay in the moment on your wedding day and don’t stress. With some simple precautions, your e-ring will be safe so you can focus on celebrating!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you wear your engagement ring when you walk down the aisle?

Yes, it is traditional to wear your engagement ring when you walk down the aisle on your wedding day. The engagement ring symbolizes the promise to get married, so it is appropriate to continue wearing it during the wedding ceremony.

Do I wear my engagement ring after I get married?

Yes, you can continue wearing your engagement ring on your left hand after you get married. Many brides move the engagement ring over to the right hand or stack it with the wedding band on the left hand. The engagement ring and wedding band together represent the path from engagement to marriage.

Do you wear rings on wedding day?

Yes, on your wedding day, you would wear your engagement ring, wedding band, and any other rings you normally wear. The engagement ring and wedding band are the most significant. Some brides choose to only wear their wedding band during the ceremony and then add the engagement ring again afterward.

When and do you wear an engagement ring on?

You wear your engagement ring from the time your partner proposes to you until the wedding day. Many brides then incorporate the engagement ring into their left hand ring stack after the wedding, wearing it above or below the wedding band. It is up to personal preference when exactly you wear the engagement ring.


Most brides do wear their engagement ring on their wedding day, either on the left or right hand. The engagement ring represents the promise to get married, so it has special significance. Some brides choose to only wear their wedding band during the ceremony and then add the engagement ring back on after saying “I do.” There are many options for how and when to wear an engagement ring on your wedding day. The key is to do what feels right for you and your partner. Just be sure that “do I wear engagement ring on wedding day” is a decision you make together.

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